Digital Marketing & Automation Services

Digital Marketing Services

18th DigiTech automates your marketing operations to streamline your business workflows. We create personalized campaigns that connect you to the leads that are most likely to drive sales engagement. Through actionable data insights, we help you target individual prospects to improve their experience with your brand.

Our marketing automation strategy involves building a seamless framework to identify and nurture leads into conversions. We focus on the user interests, behaviors and needs so that you can focus on your core business processes.

Make New Customers, Reinforce Existing Relationships

We bridge the gap between you and your prospects. Our customer acquisition & retention strategies become the crucial link between your brand building and sales. With best targeting and engagement tools in place, we inspire lucrative interactions and new customer relationships for your business.

Once prospects turn into paying customers, we run data-driven campaigns to encourage existing customers for repeat purchases without being salesy. Our experts tap into behavioral data collected through automated processes to maximize the bang for every bit of your marketing budget. Our retention practice ensures long-term relationships which benefit both your business and your customers.



  • Connect Through Content

    Deliver highly optimized content to prospects and bring them closer to checkout quicker.

    • Content Auditing & Optimization
  • Advertise your way to higher ROI

    Make the most of proven ad platforms to increase your ad reach and conversions.

    • Advertising on Digital Channels & Platforms
  • Create a Positive Social Impact

    Encourage customer interactions through relevant content to put your brand on the front foot with social.

    • Social Media & Content Marketing
  • Turn interactions into sales

    Target your audience with personalized, automated campaigns for better loyalty and higher ROI.

    • Customer Engagement Automation
  • Build trust around your brand

    Implement a well-thought-out strategy to deal with disgruntled customers and restore business integrity.

    • Reputation Intelligence


  • Align Sales & Marketing

    Identify bottlenecks and improve nurturing process with better visibility into your marketing-to-sales funnel.

  • Improve Multi-Channel Marketing

    Make it easier for your potential customers to reach you across different offline and online channels.

  • Close Sales Faster

    Guide customers through their buying cycle to quickly turn sales-qualified leads into conversions.

  • Monitor & Progress

    Gain end-to-end visibility into campaign performance and profits with insightful analytics and reports.


At 18th DigiTech, our objective is to help you build a competitive advantage online. To meet this objective and yours, we integrate digital intelligence into your business processes.

Our digital marketing professionals and automation specialists work collaboratively to provide you a holistic solution that works best for your unique needs. From strategy to implementation and optimization to reporting, we guide you diligently through every stage of the process. Once implemented, our adaptive marketing framework will give you access to powerful analytics, allowing you to detect trouble spots and improve.


Ready to automate your marketing operation?