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Top 9 Features and Benefits of Shopify Plus

The popularity of online shopping is showing no sign of slowing down, and the number of eCommerce platforms that assist in creating compelling and interactive eCommerce stores has grown by manyfold.

That means efficiency is now more important than ever. Merchants can manage their ecommerce business more efficiently with dedicated platforms such as Shopify. The standard Shopify platform is a versatile solution for merchants. This applies regardless of whether the merchants have a few locations or smaller online sales channels.

But what about larger enterprises that need more than what Shopify can deliver? Or merchants with a strong physical presence (brick-and-mortar stores)?

Ecommerce merchants who manage a large network of locations might need additional tools. Complex transactions may require additional tools beyond what regular Shopify platforms offer. Shopify Plus was created to meet the needs of larger users.

Shopify Plus is an enterprise variant of Shopify. It’s a leading eCommerce platform widely used by retailers of all kinds around the world. Shopify Plus is the perfect solution for high volumes brands requiring a scalable and reliable platform to expand their business. It’s extremely flexible, gives more access to store code, and provides excellent customer assistance.

Shopify Plus stores increased 37% year-on-year by the fourth quarter of 2021. At present, 61.1% of Shopify Plus stores are located within the US, 8.2% are UK-based and Australian users are in third place with 4.9%. Although many different industries use Shopify, the three most popular product categories that are sold on the platform include “apparel,” “beauty and fitness,” and “home and garden.”

There are more than 1 million active Shopify stores, and one-fourth of them run through Shopify Plus eCommerce development. Based on the current market trend, the number of enterprise-level Shopify customers is only predicted to grow over the next few years. Shopify Plus is a perfect option if you’re looking for an eCommerce solution that will give your business the tools it needs to expand. Let’s look at some top-of-the-line features of Shopify Plus.

Introduction of the Most Effective Shopify Plus Features

Shopify Plus Multiple Stores

Shopify Plus Multiple Stores is an excellent feature for businesses that wish to run their online stores in various languages and currencies. It ensures accessibility across the globe and allows you easily expand your business into other marketplaces. Thanks to the new dashboard design, it is easier to handle all the stores you have on Shopify Plus Multiple Stores.

You can access Shopify Plus multi-store analytics from a single location, which allows you to understand the customer’s behaviour and preferences across multiple locations. You can also control and personalize the user accounts of staff members & user permissions and develop automated processes tailored to each international store through dedicated Shopify Plus eCommerce development services in India. This is a great solution for businesses looking to extend their business to new markets without losing the quality of service or customer satisfaction. It is possible to manage all your stores from one location using various tools, making it much easier than ever to compete in today’s global market.

Wholesale Channel Management

The wholesale commerce industry is growing at a rapid pace, so Shopify Plus has made it much easier for companies to profit from this opportunity. You can easily add a wholesale channel to your Shopify Plus store by using Shopify Plus’s Wholesale Channel Management feature. This lets you manage wholesale and retail customers from one central location. The Shopify Plus wholesale channel can be an individual storefront with distinct branding, products, and pricing.

Shopify Plus Flow

The Shopify Plus Flow is a new feature that can make it simpler than ever to automate the business process. With this application, Shopify Plus merchants can develop custom back-end workflows to automate repetitive tasks and customize customer experience without writing a single code.

Flow is perfect for large-scale merchants; it takes the pressure off your administrative staff and removes complex tasks like sending out emails to suppliers or identifying and classifying customer segments. You can ask your Shopify Plus eCommerce services provider to develop targeted promotional and marketing campaigns, trigger actions-based customized emails and determine risky transactions through Shopify Plus Flow automation.

Shopify Plus Flow means that your business will never miss a beat. If a VIP patron purchases something, it is guaranteed that they’ll get the best treatment each time. If an order is placed with a high risk for fraud, your employees will be alerted, and the purchase can be reviewed before the order gets processed.


Launchpad is a revolutionary automated scheduling tool that lets Shopify Plus merchants coordinate and manage events like sales, product launches, and marketing campaigns. Acting as a virtual checklist, it will take on the laborious task of manually scheduling and carrying out the required actions according to your specifications.

Utilizing Shopify Plus Launchpad, you can easily manage complex events requiring different groups and procedures. For instance, if you’re launching a new product, you can utilize Launchpad to determine when the product will be added to your site, when your advertising campaign will commence and when your sales team will start taking orders. Launchpad can also be used to coordinate sessional events like Black Friday sales and holiday promotions.

Shopify Scripts

Another Shopify Plus feature includes script running capabilities, allowing users to create tiny code fragments for additional Shopify Plus customization. With the script editor, Shopify Plus developers can control how customers interact with your online store. They can offer special deals and discounts, upsell or cross-sell products and alter the checkout process. With this high degree of autonomy, you are free to experiment and try out new concepts.

Shopify Plus web development experts can create scripts with Shopify Scripts API, which is based upon a limited version of the Ruby programming language. These tiny pieces of custom code are classified into three groups:

  1. Line-items scripts. These scripts allow you to alter the price of an item each time the item is placed in a shopping cart by offering discounts or introducing promotions.
  2. Shipping scripts. These scripts can alter shipping rates and methods when the customer is on the page for shipping.
  3. Payment scripts. These scripts are run every when your customers use the payment gateway. Additionally, they can hide, alter, or re-order the gateway.

Shopify Scripts can run on both the Shopify store and custom Shopify applications, which gives merchants and Shopify Plus developers the capability to design completely customized shopping experiences. The Script Editor comes with an integrated debugger, so your ecommerce website Development Company can quickly test your scripts before they go live.

Speed & Power

Shopify Plus is one of the fastest and most efficient eCommerce platforms on the market today. It was designed and built to be highly efficient and handle millions of customers and orders without lags or interruptions. With its highly scalable technology, Shopify Plus features can effortlessly accommodate growing business as it expands.

The issue of uptime is paramount for any enterprise-level Shopify Plus merchant. A few minutes of downtime could cost you thousands of dollars in lost sales. Shopify Plus gives you the security of knowing that your store will always be up and running. It has a 99.9% uptime rate across all geographic regions and major Shopify services.

Unlimited Staff Accounts

As your business expands, you’ll require additional staff members to assist in the day-to-day operations of your business. Shopify Plus features allow you to add any number of accounts for staff to ensure that everyone has access to the information they require to complete their work. This includes adding custom permissions for each employee, allowing you to determine what they are allowed and cannot do within your store.

Shopify Plus also allows you to create different administrator roles to manage access to your store’s most sensitive information easily. This is ideal for larger companies that need to control who can access and modify crucial information. With this added degree of control, you will ensure that your data is secure and that only those with access to certain information can access it.

Apps & Integrations

Shopify Plus comes with a significant range of applications and integrations that allow retailers and Shopify Plus developers to automate business processes and increase efficiency.

There are more than 3,200 apps available on Shopify’s App Store, many of which are entirely free.

A few of the most well-known apps are:

  • Yotpo: The app lets customers add reviews of your products with ease.
  • MailChimp: It’s a well-known email marketing platform with an exclusive Shopify app that lets you easily connect your email marketing campaigns with your Shopify store.
  • Klaviyo: This app allows you to design highly customized email and SMS marketing campaigns based on your customer’s shopping history and browsing patterns.
  • Oberlo: This app lets users search for products from AliExpress and add them to your store in only a few clicks.
  • Instafeed: This app lets you show your Instagram feed on your online store to develop your social proof and boost customer engagement.

These were just some examples of the kinds of apps and Shopify Plus integrations available. Integrating Shopify Plus with third-party platforms like PIM, ERP, 3PL, and WMS is possible. Since it’s a modular platform, it permits you to modify or eliminate any app and Shopify Plus integrations as the needs of your business change. If you cannot find an app that will meet your requirements, you could employ a Shopify Plus eCommerce services in India to develop a personalized solution.

Advanced Security with SSL Certificates

Shopify Plus is Level 1 PCI DSS certified, which means it complies with the highest internet security standards. All Shopify Plus store has an SSL certificate, which protects sensitive data, like credit card numbers.

In addition to SSL certification, Shopify Plus security features include two-factor authentication and account recovery. These security features to safeguard your store from unauthorized access and ensure only those who should have access to your store can do so.

Another Shopify Plus security feature is its fraud analysis tool that allows you to check the store for suspicious transactions. If fraudulent transactions are discovered, they will be flagged for manual review, and you can decide whether you want to cancel or complete the order.

To Conclude

Shopify Plus allows users and businesses to expand and grow beyond what is possible with a standard Shopify plan. Shopify Plus features, if used effectively, can help eCommerce stores boost their earnings and expand into new markets. Shopify Plus is the perfect solution for high-high-flying businesspeople who want maximum customization and control over their online stores.

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