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An Overview of Our B2C Solutions

Are you ready to fast track your B2C eCommerce business? Choose 18th DigiTech.

As the eCommerce market grows in leaps and bounds, stay ahead of the curve with 18th DigiTech. Get fully customised, cutting-edge B2C eCommerce sites ready for customers and growth. An end-to-end eCommerce services provider, we provide you with everything you need to jumpstart your journey into eCommerce.

How can 18th DigiTech help you?

With over a decade of experience in delivering eCommerce solutions and over 150+ successful projects, 18th DigiTech understands the eCommerce ecosystem. Our versatile and talented team can help in each stage of your eCommerce mission.


An innovative eCommerce strategy in-tune with the market sets you up on a path of success


A creative and unique eCommerce design differentiates you from the crowd, catching the interest of customers


Sound development delivers a seamless user experience and optimised functioning of your eCommerce site

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Already have an eCommerce site you are not satisfied with? Make the switch with 18th DigiTech to an improved platform

Digital Marketing

Enhance the sales potential of your B2C eCommerce site with targeted marketing


Provide customers with uninterrupted performance with reliable support 24/7

Looking for a new eCommerce store or looking for improving an existing store? Our eCommerce experts are ready to help you create an effective and powerful eCommerce site.

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Leading Technologies for B2C Solutions

Your choice of eCommerce platform will define the capabilities of your eCommerce website and future success. At 18th DigiTech, we provide B2C solutions with leading platforms such as Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify Plus .

Adobe Commerce

Looking for a fully customisable and scalable eCommerce platform? Adobe Commerce might be the right fit for you.

Formerly known as Magento, Adobe Commerce is available with cloud hosting and offers a premium range of features. Fast and reliable, Adobe Commerce is suited for businesses of all sizes.

With regular updates and complete customisation potential, you get a trendy and future-ready eCommerce website.

The 18th DigiTech team can leverage the potential of Adobe Commerce to provide you with a B2C eCommerce site that you and your customers love.


Does an easy to manage and fast to launch eCommerce platform appeal to you? Consider BigCommerce

Available in the form of Software as a Service, the BigCommerce SaaS platform is all inclusive of hosting, updates, and backups.

Equipped with basic features out of the box, functionalities can be enhanced easily. Incorporate third party apps and desired extensions for a unique site that exceeds expectations.

Go a step further than cookie cutter websites with 18th DigiTech BigCommerce B2C services, for a website that is user-friendly and sales ready.

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Shopify Plus

Expecting heavy eCommerce traffic and high-volume transactions? Keep up with rising demands with Shopify Plus.

Targeted for larger businesses and enterprises is Shopify Plus, another SaaS eCommerce platform and premium version of Shopify.

Flexible and cost-effective, Shopify Plus is backed by cloud hosting and unlimited bandwidth. Management is simple and interface customisable, with APIs to build your desired user experiences.

With 18th DigiTech, tailor your Shopify Plus B2C eCommerce site to reflect your brand and support enterprise level sales

Selected an eCommerce platform for your B2C solution? Confused on an ideal platform? Our team can guide you on most suitable eCommerce platforms.

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B2C Solutions for Any Niche, Any Industry

The eCommerce wave has spared no industry. With nearly every niche expanding with B2C solutions, why fall behind?

A B2C eCommerce website gives you direct access to your customers, faster. Increase sales and establish your brand with a professionally developed B2C eCommerce solution from 18th DigiTech.

We have already delivered successful solutions for these industries:

Fashion and Apparel

A big part of eCommerce is fashion and apparel. When the customers are style-conscious, curious, and motivated, fashion and apparel sites need to be fashion forward, trendy, and up-to-date.

Rich with imagery and bold designs, fashion apparel eCommerce websites create a memorable impact on customers. 18th DigiTech backs style with seamless features for an optimised user experience.

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Health and Beauty

Feeling good and looking good are top priorities for everyone. For some consumers, this leads to health and beauty products online. Customers seeking reliability and evidence, accordingly, health and beauty products aim to be information rich and trustworthy.

Combining fast site performance with detailed information, 18th DigiTech delivers health and beauty sites that gain customer trust and loyalty.

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Diverse and dynamic, fast moving consumer goods or FMCG market is poised for rapid growth. With varying customers depending upon the FMCG niche, versatility is key as is customising the B2C solution based on the specific market.

You choose your specific products and target audience, and 18th DigiTech customises an eCommerce solution to meet your needs.

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Sparkle bright and sparkle far with an eCommerce jewellery site that shines the spotlight on your exquisite products. High quality images, 3D viewing options, secure purchases are all important for jewellery buyers.

A shiny new B2C eCommerce website from 18th DigiTech can highlight your top pieces, and help customers find jewellery that they will want to purchase.

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As technology advances, the demand for electronics will continue to grow, for all types of electronic devices. Cater to tech-savvy customers with a personalised user experience, fast checkouts, and impressive data.

Show off cutting-edge eCommerce technology with 18th DigiTech by offering customers innovative features. Utilise a mobile-first approach to reach customers whenever and wherever they might be.

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There are numerous industries and niches that can benefit from eCommerce. Whatever your industry, no need to worry. Reach out to us and we can work on a custom B2C solution to suit your niche.

With a vast repertoire of features and functionalities available, 18th DigiTech helps you find the perfect mix that benefits you the most and yields desired results.

Ready to grow? Want to find out how B2C eCommerce solutions can digitally transform your brand? The 18th DigiTech team can customise B2C solutions for any industry.

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