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Digital Marketing: The heart of every business

Even the best eCommerce websites cannot achieve their full potential without visibility. Shine the spotlight on your eCommerce brand with digital marketing services from 18th DigiTech.

Competition is on the rise in eCommerce in nearly every industry and niche. As a result, Digital marketing has become a necessity. With adequate digital marketing, customers can find your eCommerce website and recognise your brand, and continue to shop, purchase, and return again.

Digital marketing can make all the difference in visibility, cultivating leads, encouraging engagement, and repeat purchases.

But not just any digital marketing will bring results. Your eCommerce website needs digital marketing services designed for eCommerce websites.

18th DigiTech, as an end-to-end eCommerce development agency in India, offers specialised digital marketing services for eCommerce websites. With our extensive knowledge of the eCommerce ecosystem and talented digital marketing and SEO specialists, we are able to offer targeted digital marketing services.

We provide specialised digital marketing for Adobe Commerce , Magento Open Source, BigCommerce , Shopify Plus , and general eCommerce platforms.

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Get Measurable Results from Specialised eCommerce Digital Marketing Services

Marketing and promotions can become expensive, particularly if they are not delivering measurable results.

Get the most out of your investment and eCommerce website potential by choosing specialised eCommerce digital marketing services. At 18th DigiTech, we tailor our digital marketing services to suit the niche, position, and target customers of our clients.

Utilising latest technologies and digital marketing trends can bring your eCommerce brand to new heights. Implementing marketing automation systems creates a setup that will draw traffic and sales in the long-term for sustainable success.

Not convinced?

Here are the top reasons to choose specialised eCommerce digital marketing services.

Expand Your Reach

Expand Your Reach In eCommerce, your potential audience is massive, particularly if you move beyond regional restrictions. Effective digital marketing can expand your reach, increasing your target audience size and correspondingly your sales potential.

Cultivate Organic Traffic and Leads

Streamlined SEO and digital marketing cultivates organic traffic and leads, helping the right customers find your eCommerce website. Customers with a purchasing intent are likelier to convert and return again

Align Sales and Marketing

Digital marketing for eCommerce websites focuses on aligning your sales and marketing activities cohesively. With marketing fuelling your sales, and sales driving marketing you have a system prime for sales.

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Utilise Multi-Channel Marketing

Specialised digital marketing goes to where your customers are – whichever channel or outlet that may be. A multi-channel marketing approach increases your brand impact and attracts customers from multiple sources

Speed up Conversions

Move customers through the sales funnel faster and speed up conversions of sales-qualified leads with digital marketing. By reminding and nudging customers, you can increase conversions and reduce abandoned carts.

Increase Brand Presence

Branding is vital for any business, online or offline. With a strong brand presence, customers can recognise your eCommerce brand and likelier to trust, engage, and purchase from your eCommerce website

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18th DigiTech Digital Marketing Offerings

Optimise your online presence and increase sales with customised digital marketing services from 18th DigiTech.

At 18th DigiTech, our objective is to help you achieve your goals. Digital marketing can transform your digital presence, regardless of the size of your business. It can help you increase your brand visibility, generate leads, encourage repeat purchases and more.

The technologies and trends in Digital marketing and SEO are continuously evolving. Our digital marketing team at 18th DigiTech is up-to-date with latest digital marketing concepts and applications. Accordingly, we are able to deliver digital marketing services for eCommerce with measurable results.

Among the top eCommerce digital marketing services we offer are:

  • Ecommerce website digital marketing

    eCommerce SEO

    Search engine optimisation or SEO focuses on increasing the presence and ranking of your eCommerce website on search engine results pages, increasing organic traffic.

  • Adobe digital marketing

    Advertising & Paid Media Marketing

    For a big impact, advertising and paid media marketing campaigns are launched by 18th DigiTech, promoting your products and services on paid platforms with suitable visibility.

  • Digital marketing services

    Conversion Optimisation

    If you have adequate traffic but low conversions, our conversion optimisation services can help by auditing your eCommerce website, finding conversion bottle-necks, and recommending resolutions.

  • Adobe digital marketing products

    Email Marketing and Automation

    Utilising email Ids of your customers, 18th DigiTech creates an email marketing system, supported by automation, to facilitate easy engagement of customers and higher conversions.

  • B2c marketing companies

    Content Auditing and Optimisation

    Your eCommerce website content can have a big impact on customers and sales. Our content auditing and optimisation services analyse all your content, recommending improvements.

  • Digital marketing agency

    Social Media & Content Marketing

    Leverage the power of social media and content marketing with 18th DigiTech as we build your brand impact, increase visibility, and your position through content.

  • Digital marketing services

    Customer Engagement Automation

    Offer customers improved engagement and increase sales through 18th DigiTech customer engagement automation. With personalised recommendations and responses, interactions are turned into sales, cultivating loyalty.

  • Ecommerce website digital marketing

    Reputation Intelligence

    Refine, repair, and recreate your brand reputation with 18th DigiTech reputation intelligence services. Data-backed and customised, we examine your reputation image, and launch strategies for improvement.

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It’s never too soon to invest in digital marketing for your eCommerce website. There are numerous digital marketing services available, designed to deliver different results. Whether you want to increase organic traffic, launch promotions for a sale, or improve brand visibility, digital marketing has the solution.

18th DigiTech utilises innovation and latest digital marketing trends to create customised plans for your digital marketing services. Based on your needs, we launch digital marketing campaigns, enhance SEO, set up marketing automation and more. Each step of the way, we analyse and examine results, revising our processes for desired results.

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Why 18th DigiTech for Digital Marketing Services?

  • 11+ Years of Experience
  • 150+ Innovative and Customised Campaigns
  • 350+Measurable Results
  • Adobe Professional

An eCommerce website needs digital marketing designed for eCommerce brands. Boost your sales and market presence with 18th DigiTech specialised eCommerce digital marketing services. For a free, expert, and no-commitment discussion, contact us today.