Who is 18th DigiTech partnered with?

Partnerships empower us to provide our clients with cutting-edge and best in industry solutions. With a diverse range of partnerships with eCommerce platforms, technology providers, and industry specialists, our offerings are boosted with added capabilities.

18th DigiTech partnerships are regularly maintained and updated to incorporate latest trends and technologies. Through our partnerships, we provide you with expert consultations, guidance, designing, and development services.

Stay ahead of the competition, grow sustainably, and achieve your goals in a dynamic environment with 18th DigiTech and our partnerships.

While new partnerships are periodically added, here are our current partnerships you can benefit from:

  • Professional Magento Solution Partner

    Magento powers eCommerce platforms such as Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce, formerly known as Magento Commerce.

    As a Professional Magento Solution Partner, 18th DigiTech is recognised for developing customised, flexible, and efficient eCommerce platforms using Magento technologies.

  • Adobe Gold Solution Partner

    Adobe offers robust eCommerce platforms powered by Magento, with additional tools for boosting eCommerce performance.

    We deliver a wide range of solutions with Adobe technologies. These include Adobe Commerce Cloud, Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Analytics, and Marketo.

  • BigCommerce Certified Partner

    BigCommerce is a top eCommerce platform available in the form of a SaaS solution, with multiple subscription plans and rich features.

    18th DigiTech is a certified BigCommerce Partner, capable of building custom eCommerce solutions on the BigCommerce platform and delivering custom experiences.

  • shopify plus

    Shopify Plus

    Shopify Plus is an enterprise-level SaaS eCommerce platform designed for eCommerce businesses that want enterprise-grade capabilities.

    As a Shopify Plus Partner, 18th DigiTech is recognised for developing enterprise-grade eCommerce solutions for high-growth businesses, with experience in end-to-end eCommerce solutions.

  • orcale netsuit

    Oracle NetSuite

    A cloud-based business management platform, Oracle NetSuite offers a wide range of software and services to streamline the entire lifecycle of businesses.

    18th DigiTech is an official partner of Oracle NetSuite, developing, adapting, and implementing NetSuite solutions for our clients. Leading services include ERP, CRM, PSA, inventory management, and commerce.

  • Dotdigital

    Dotdigital is an omnichannel marketing solution for B2C, B2B, and NFP markets, leading customer engagement and acquisitions.

    A Dotdigital partner, we utilise the platform for effective and efficient omnichannel marketing for our clients, increasing customer engagement, conversions, and retention.

  • Paytm

    Another leading payment portal, Paytm is a mobile wallet with rapidly growing popularity, supporting instant financial transactions.

    A Paytm Partner, 18th DigiTech offers clients the ability to support a mode for Paytm payments on their eCommerce websites, appealing to a wider range of customers.

  • simpl


    Simpl is a mobile-first platform for credit-based payments- the perfect solution to build customer relationships. With over 7 million users Simpl is the tomorrow of 'Buy Now, Pay Later'.

    Talk to an expert at the 18th DigiTech family, a Simpl Partner and allow customers and merchants to have more control over their commerce experience.

  • PayPal

    Among the most famous and widely accepted online payment systems worldwide, PayPal supports fast and secure transfers and payments.

    The 18th DigiTech partnership with PayPal enables us to integrate the payment provider with the eCommerce websites of our clients, increasing their reach and the convenience of their customers.

  • PayU

    Formerly known as PayU Money, this is one of the most popular and easy-to-use payment gateways. Operating in high-growth markets, PayU is known to create cutting-edge financial services to meet the requirements of over 300,000 merchants and millions of consumers.

    18th DigiTech, a proud PayU Partner offers clients the ability to support this robust payment gateway on their eCommerce sites. Talk to an expert at the 18th DigiTech family and enjoy an amazing payment processing experience, payment optimisation capabilities, advanced reporting, and visibility features.

  • Trustpilot

    The Trustpilot platform builds customer confidence and trust by providing a means for customers to post independent and unbiased reviews.

    18th DigiTech, as a Trustpilot partner, helps our clients in collecting and managing reviews, engaging customers, and generating feedback, simplifying the review process for our clients.

  • iZooto

    A dedicated push notifications platform iZooto supports web push notifications, mobile app notifications, and messenger notifications, for greater engagement.

    An iZooto partner, 18th DigiTech configures push notification setups for our clients, helping them in customer engagement, retargeting, and retention with versatile push notifications.

  • amasty


    Amasty is a premier Magento extension builder that develops customised extensions and customisation services for Magento powered eCommerce websites.

    At 18th DigiTech, we use our Amasty partnership to integrate suitable extensions and eCommerce customisations for our Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source clients.

  • Omuni


    Omuni is a popular omnichannel retail platform that has the potential to support the omnichannel roadmap of over 50 global brands across over 5000 stores. Enjoy engaging and dynamic end-to-end omnichannel journeys out of the box.

    If you are planning on building an all-inclusive, customisable, and expandable eCommerce platform with robust in-built omnichannel capabilities, get in touch with an eCommerce expert at the 18th DigiTech family, an omuni Partner.

  • shyplite


    Shyplite is a platform for 360° logistics automation and fulfilment, supporting greater shipping efficiency with a single platform for multiple carriers.

    18th DigiTech is a Shyplite partner, integrating the platform into eCommerce solutions for our clients, simplifying and optimising the logistics, shipping, and fulfilment processes for clients.

  • Webscale


    Webscale is an eCommerce Cloud that delivers software-as-a-service (SaaS). This eCommerce Cloud platform provides tools and features that ensure unparalleled uptime across both desktop and mobile platforms, robust application-aware security, and fast performance.

    Talk to an expert at the 18th DigiTech family, a Webscale Partner to build your brand and increase your revenue. Get access to Webscale's end-to-end solution for a 100% uptime during peak traffic, enhanced visibility, improved security and user experience, and control over the entire storefront.

  • Vinculum


    Vinculum is a global software company that enables omnichannel retailing. For easy scaling, reach, and high-end customer service worldwide, Vinculum is your solution.

    Talk to an expert at the 18th DigiTech family, a Vinculum Partner and boost your brand's growth.

  • Netcore


    An all-inclusive customer experience platform that empowers brands to deliver customized and top-notch customer experiences. It is a global Martech product company that allows B2C brands to create exceptional digital experiences with an array of products.

    As a Netcore Partner, 18th DigiTech's deep expertise will help you implement Netcore for business scaling, focusing on revenue impact through customer experiences. Get in touch with an expert at the 18th DigiTech family today!