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Fashion Ecommerce Solutions

Where Fashion and Technology Merge

Tap into the lucrative fashion and apparel eCommerce market with custom solutions from 18th Digitech.

Easily the most popular industry in eCommerce, the demand for fashion and apparel online shopping is set to grow even further in coming years. Versatile and with a massive audience, fashion and apparel offers immense scope for success.

18th Digitech offers customised solutions for fashion and apparel eCommerce websites, leveraging features focused for the niche. Prioritising merchandising, high quality images, and an interactive customer experience, you gain an eCommerce solution ready for customers.

With competition on the rise, 18th Digitech equips your fashion and apparel eCommerce website with functionalities that drive growth.

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Fashion-First Features for Success-Ready eCommerce Websites

Utilise dedicated features for fashion and apparel eCommerce websites for targeted results.

Advancements in eCommerce technology have resulted in the evolution of specialised features for the fashion and apparel niche. Designed for the sale of fashion and apparel products, these features highlight your products in the best light.

Exceed the expectations of customers and speed up conversions with specialised features for fashion and apparel eCommerce websites.18th Digitech implements custom features for your fashion and apparel eCommerce solution that suit your brand and products. There are a wide range of dedicated features available for fashion and apparel eCommerce websites.

Top specialised features include:

Engaging and Interactive UI and UX

Appealing and interactive eCommerce websites with an optimised UI/UX designed for fashion and apparel customers plays a big role in attracting customers.

Personalised Recommendations

Personalised recommendations powered by AI are useful in cross-selling, up-selling and increasing the average order value of customers on fashion and apparel eCommerce websites.

Mobile Commerce

Supporting browsing and purchasing on mobile devices is an effective way for fashion and apparel eCommerce websites to increase their reach and sales.

Flexible Promotions

Frequent and prominent promotions are an important component of fashion and apparel eCommerce websites, and flexible promotion features support easy implementation of promotional schemes.

Fashion Ecommerce Solution

Virtual Try-Ons

Virtual try-on options with virtual reality and augmented reality help customers visualise fashion and apparel products before purchase, increasing purchases and reducing returns.

Seamless Checkouts

Seamless checkouts on fashion and apparel eCommerce websites support conversions, lower abandoned cart rates and cater to impulse buyers of fashion and apparel products.

Wish Lists

Wish lists promote customer engagement, and enable customers to save products they might wish to purchase in the future on fashion and apparel eCommerce websites.

High Quality Images

Equipping fashion and apparel eCommerce websites with high quality and fast loading images increases the appeal of products, promoting sales and customer satisfaction.

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Leading eCommerce Platforms for Fashion & Apparel Solutions

Your choice of eCommerce platform defines your capabilities and potential.

Fashion and apparel are a leading niche in eCommerce. Accordingly, eCommerce platforms offer specialised solutions that are tailored to fashion and apparel customers.

At 18th Digitech, we adapt your chosen platform to the needs of your brand, creating a cohesive solution that drives sales. Our experienced team guides you on choosing and developing an ideal solution for your fashion and apparel eCommerce website.

Leading platforms for fashion and apparel eCommerce websites are:

  • Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento Commerce)
  • Magento Open Source
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify Plus

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B2C Fast Fashion E-commerce Platform

18th Digitech Offerings for Fashion & Apparel

Develop dedicated fashion and apparel eCommerce solutions with 18th Digitech.

With extensive experience in developing fashion and apparel eCommerce websites, 18th Digitech is familiar with the niche and in customising suitable features.

Equipped with certifications in Adobe Commerce, Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify Plus, we provide powerful eCommerce solutions that are ready for sales. Our services are customisable and tailored to suit your needs.

Our top services are:

  • Ecommerce Consultation

    eCommerce Consultation

    18th Digitech consultation and strategising services focus on providing you with a plan of action to achieve your eCommerce goals.

  • Ecommerce Designing

    eCommerce Designing

    Our eCommerce designing services create innovative and cohesive designs for your fashion and apparel eCommerce website that differentiate your brand.

  • Complete Ecommer Development

    Complete eCommerce Development

    18th Digitech provides complete end-to-end development of fashion and apparel eCommerce websites, configured with your desired features and latest trends.

  • Fashion and Apparel Ecommerce

    Customer Experience and UI/UX Revision

    Ensure that you are offering users a positive UI/UX, and customer experience with our fashion and apparel eCommerce website revision services.

  • Marketplace Development

    Marketplace Development

    Support multiple vendors and a larger customer base with a fashion and apparel marketplace eCommerce solution developed by 18th Digitech.

  • Omnichannel Solutions

    Omnichannel Solutions

    Offer customers a fashion and apparel omnichannel eCommerce experience with the 18th Digitech seamless development and integration of multiple sales channels.

  • Ecommerce Support and Maintenance

    eCommerce Support and Maintenance

    For uninterrupted operations of your fashion and apparel eCommerce website, 18th Digitech provides dedicated support and maintenance services with 24/7 availability.

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B2B Ecommerce Platform Fashion

Match the vibe and vision of your fashion brand, and reach target customers with our fashion & apparel online stores.

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Why 18th Digitech for Fashion & Apparel eCommerce Solutions?

  • 11+Years of Experience
  • 30+Technical Expertise
  • 200+Innovative Implementations
  • Adobe Gold Solution Partner

Our Successful Projects and Satisfied Clients

Establish your brand and a loyal customer following with fashion and apparel eCommerce solutions from 18th Digitech. Offer customers an engaging and reliable shopping experience that gains their trust.

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