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Why Choose Magento As Your E-Commerce Platform

The success of your online business mostly depends on the platform you select. With the development of e-commerce becoming more popular and a myriad of platforms on the market available, selecting the right platform can be a daunting task. When choosing an online shopping platform, you should look for general features and the ones that will work for your company.

Currently, Magento is said to be the face of success in eCommerce, and there are plenty of reasons to support this statement. At present, up to 25% of eCommerce businesses are powered by Magento. It is used by more than two million websites, such as Nike, Lenovo, Samsung, Ford, and Nestle. Although it is evident that Magento has been successful, businesses often question why they pick Magento for eCommerce from a Adobe eCommerce company.

Here are some reasons why Magento is referred to as the face of success in eCommerce:

  1. Magento commerce is home to more than 160,000 businesses worldwide.
  2. More than 65,000 companies across the US use Magento.
  3. In addition to the US, many businesses in the UK, Germany, Brazil, Italy, and other countries have also chosen Magento.

If these figures aren’t enough, look at the benefits of the Magento eCommerce website.

  • Performs and scales well
  • Higher traffic
  • Multi-store management
  • Order and inventory management
  • Better outreach
  • Personalised user experience
  • Fast checkout
  • Secure and simple to make payments
  • Enhance functionality and features
  • Performance Analysis

Why should you use Magento as an eCommerce platform?

Utilizing Magento for eCommerce lets users manage the entire store conveniently. Additionally, merchants do not require separate investments for different purposes. Still, many business owners wonder whether Magento is suitable for e-commerce. Being the best Adobe eCommerce web development company in India, we can assure you of its capabilities. In addition to its powerful features, Magento commerce minimises the costs associated with web design in every possible way.

Fully customizable

The most straightforward reason for reason Magento is the ideal platform for ecommerce web development is the freedom of customisation. For a reasonable cost merchants can personalise or modify their Magento stores using the no-cost source code. Magento open-source permits merchants to include new features or functionalities for their stores online.

Simply put, Magento webs provide the freedom for retailers to improve their stores, adjust, control, or alter the entire range of their stores. This is the reason Magento to eCommerce is unparalleled in comparison. The retailers can utilise Magento commerce, which is now referred to by the name Adobe Commerce, to get the most benefit from it.

Adapt third-party Integrations and extensions

This is among the greatest advantages of Magento. It lets businesses incorporate any Third-party plugins, extensions, and add-ons. Custom integrations using third-party software could be developed by using APIs.

Through these integrations your platform can be able to conduct transactions in a safe manner. Furthermore, these extensions will enhance the look and feel of your site.

Creates user-friendly experience 

Magento webs help in the creation of user-friendly websites. Anyone with no technical background can manage inventories and improve the store’s user experience with no assistance. In addition, it includes the ability to build pages, giving users the option of designing their pages however they wish.

Additionally, users who visit sites built on Magento can expect to find items quickly, thanks to improved search options. The powerful features of Magento will delight customers and boost their trust in the company.

Magento also offers out-of-the-box templates, which improve the responsiveness of a website. A variety of free and paid themes are available in its store. Additionally, the templates are also customizable. With the best eCommerce development in India developing themes from scratch to meet your specific business needs is also possible.

Thrives Mobile Web

A majority of eCommerce transactions are made through smartphones. In 2023, it’s estimated that 8% of retail transactions will occur through a mobile device. The Magento platform offers an omnichannel mobile experience that operates smoothly and efficiently. Native apps from third-party developers and PWAs are the basis for this mobile-friendly interface. These applications ensure that processing happens quickly in both desktop and mobile views.

But PWAs are gaining popularity over native apps. They’re more effective at providing a better user experience than native applications. The most significant benefit of PWA is its ability to function with a slow internet connection. They take up less space, unlike native applications, and can be more user-friendly for shoppers.

SEO-friendly – Drives immense traffic

Magento recognises how important it is to have traffic on the eCommerce website. The more traffic it receives results in more conversions and sales. This is the reason Magento offers powerful features to ensure that it can drive continuous traffic. It lets users visit the site from various sources, including search engines. Thus, Magento provides you with an SEO-friendly site.

Utilizing Magento as an eCommerce platform allows users to make URLs, meta descriptions, tags, product descriptions, and other elements that align with specific keywords. In short, Magento enables the stores and products to rank in the SERPs.

It’s not just about SEO; it also works well with social media platforms that can drive traffic. This means that it is possible to integrate your store’s Facebook or Twitter pages and increase your reach. Isn’t it convincing enough for you to select Magento for eCommerce?

Responsive websites

With a majority of mobile users, eCommerce stores always demand an efficient website. Right now, a site that is slow to load cannot attract the traffic it needs. This is why Magento ensures that websites are optimised for speedier performance. The cloud-based services of Magento allow websites to utilise various tools to boost performance.

For instance, the content delivery network tool ensures customer satisfaction. Businesses can delight their customers using this tool and not worry about slow speeds. Furthermore, full-page caching in Magento can guarantee your website’s best performance.

In the end, it aids in improving customer experience and decreasing the rate of abandonment. Small businesses frequently face the same issues. Therefore, a Magento eCommerce website from the best Magento development company in India is a great option for businesses of all sizes.

Website Safety

Since safety is among the most important concerns for online businesses, Merchants frequently ask, is Magento suitable for eCommerce? The answer is yes, as the Magento platform has the essential security guidelines to protect eCommerce. Both Adobe Commerce and community versions of it shield websites from potential risks and malware. Anyone who uses either of these versions is protected from malware and risks.

  • Resolves security issues using the best practices
  • Scheduled security scans are conducted at regular intervals
  • Get real-time updates on their security

The re-CAPTCHA system and two-factor authentication from Magento safeguard online stores from risk. In addition, there’s a Magento security center that provides all the necessary information. Store owners will receive details on security updates, patches, and best practices. Stores can also obtain SSL certificates and PCI conformity in conjunction with Magento. Because of the security features, Magento websites are less likely to be compromised than other websites. Therefore, Adobe web development India is an ideal solution for every business owner.

Performance analysis 

The precise reports you receive on your website’s performance allow you to make informed choices. In this regard, Magento is enriched with report-building tools which provide helpful insight. They display everything from average order values to retention rates on a single dashboard.

It consolidates business information into the same dashboard and gives detailed information about the site’s overall performance. The dashboard reports are accessible for:

  • Marketing – The marketing reports show the status of abandoned carts, items in carts, and any newsletter-related issues.
  • Review – The review report shows the number of reviews for products. It even shows customer reviews and ratings.
  • Sales – With sales reports, merchants can look at invoices, taxes, orders, and shipping.
  • Customer – The customer reports provide insight into wishlists, customer accounts, saved orders, and other customer-related information.

Multi-channel Management

Businesses observe a steady increase in their revenue because Magento allows them to broaden their market reach. The multi-channel service offered by Magento gives these businesses an integrated interface, faster speeds, and high-end performance. This means that merchants have access to a variety of channels for business. 

It allows businesses to:

  • Different Marketplace Integration – Magento stores allow merchants to connect the functionality of their eCommerce stores with other marketplaces. This means that users have the chance to increase their odds of being viewed. Also, it indicates higher sales for merchants.
  • Expand globally – Magento’s multi-channel integration lets businesses expand internationally. The solution is compatible with more than 150 languages as well as all payment gateways around the world.
  • Merchandise – This multi-channel solution offers businesses all the content management features of merchandising. Therefore, they won’t face any issues with merchandising.

Huge community support

Magento’s community is a treasure trove of everything merchants want to know about. Operating an online store isn’t easy. Over time there will be concerns or queries will appear. Magento has a huge community of developers, bloggers, designers, and other experts to address those issues or queries. This makes it simpler for store owners to run their businesses.

They provide 24*7 assistance to owners in developing their platforms online and improving the quality of their services. There are a variety of services that are included in the Magento communities, including:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Safety and Maintenance
  • Technical assistance

These Magento-certified communities offer precise information about everything. This means you can solve issues related to any subject, including managing your account, order details, or fulfillment methods. Due to the large community, it’s a good idea to use Magento’s e-commerce service for small businesses.

Embrace Magento for a Profitable Online Business

In a nutshell, Magento websites are all-in-one sites. If you are looking for a strong Magento online store that can function as a revenue-generating machine, it is best to have experts by your side.

At 18th Digitech, we specialize in empowering your eCommerce journey through top-notch Magento eCommerce development services. Our expertise lies in crafting feature-rich Magento online stores tailored to propel businesses of all sizes forward. Leveraging our Adobe eCommerce development proficiency, we are dedicated to fashioning Magento eCommerce websites that cater to the unique needs of your enterprise. Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, our seasoned Magento team is eager to assist you in embracing Magento for your Magento ecommerce development needs. Reach out today to explore how our Magento development services can elevate your eCommerce endeavors.



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