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Adobe Commerce in India

Adobe Services

For unmatched customer experiences that drive sales, Adobe Experience Cloud combined multiple specialisations into one. At each step of your eCommerce journey, 18th DigiTech has your back with suitable Adobe solutions.

Create eCommerce solutions with Adobe Commerce Cloud, monitor and revise performance with Adobe Analytics, and expand and grow with Adobe Marketo Engage. All backed by the reputed name and power of Adobe, its various tools work together seamlessly to boost sales.

18th DigiTech leverages Adobe Experience Cloud solutions to create a custom eCommerce site that is ready for customers and success. The full-stack Adobe tools are used to build robust digital infrastructure and craft optimised customer experiences.

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Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento)

Have you begun your eCommerce journey?

Launching and maintaining a successful eCommerce website is easier than ever with Adobe Commerce Cloud, formerly known as Magento Commerce Cloud.

Adobe Commerce Cloud provides you with a fully hosted and customisable eCommerce website, rich in features, and with excellent performance. As the demand for online shopping continues to grow, scale your growth to new heights with an eCommerce solution that delights customers.

18th DigiTech is a certified Adobe Magento Gold Solution Partner and eCommerce Agency in India. With innovation and technical expertise, we create and migrate eCommerce solutions on the robust Adobe Commerce Cloud platform. Providing end-to-end eCommerce solutions, 18th DigiTech helps you achieve your goals and sustainable growth.

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Adobe Analytics

Are you getting the best results from your eCommerce website?

eCommerce is continuously evolving and competition is steadily growing. The key to success is adapting to changing trends and customer preferences.

Insights are the first step to improvement.

Adobe Analytics is an industry-leading solution that provides real-time analytics and detailed segmentation reports across multiple channels.

18th DigiTech provides you with a future-ready eCommerce solution. Combining a capable eCommerce website with Adobe Analytics enables you to improve your sales and increase revenue. Our specialised Adobe Analytics services focus on examining and improving your eCommerce site results.

Discover high-value audiences, power customer intelligence, integrate customer data into business processes, conduct unlimited breakdowns of data, and implement searches and filters. Everything is possible with Adobe Analytics.

Here are the top advantages that 18th DigiTech brings to you with Adobe Analytics:

Web Analytics

Adobe Analytics provides much more than just page views and visit numbers, you can examine customer pathing, video engagement, traffic sources, content effectiveness and more.

18th DigiTech utilises data from web analytics to optimise your site and processes for faster conversions and greater engagement.

Channel and Marketing Analytics

Online shopping is moving beyond simply desktops, expanding to an omnichannel model. Adobe Analytics enables integration of data from nearly any channel, providing you with and overall view.

We configure the channel and marketing analytics to suit your supported sales channels, aiding you in prioritising channel performance.


Learning about customers and understanding their journey with your brand enables you to create customised CX that converts and retains.

Adobe Analytics provides insight into every touch point a customer has with your eCommerce website. 18th DigiTech helps you setup machine learning and advanced statistics to maximise the data attributions.

Predictive Analytics

Data insights into the past of customer is helpful, but predictive analysis goes a step further and supports action. Powered by AI and machine learning, predictive analytics is effective in revising business processes.

18th DigiTech smooths your transition into predictive analytics, utilising Adobe Analytics to discover actionable insights and predictions.

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Adobe Marketo Engage

Is your eCommerce marketing automated and optimised?

Marketing can be unpredictable, expensive and challenging. But it doesn’t have to be. Adobe Marketo Engage provides AI-driven solutions for marketing, advertising, commerce, and analytics. Offering customer experience applications and services, reimagine customer experience management with Marketo Engage.

At 18th DigiTech we understand the importance of customer experience. To sell products, an eCommerce site needs to be able to sell the customer experience it offers. Our team leverages Marketo capabilities to transform your marketing, sales, and customer experience management.

Featuring a convergence of data and marketing, Adobe Marketo Engage facilitates effective customer experience management for B2B eCommerce and B2C eCommerce websites. Reliable and efficient, Marketo simplifies the marketing process in eCommerce, yielding better results at lower costs.

Here’s how 18th DigiTech uses Marketo Engage to help your eCommerce site:


The machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities of Marketo are used by 18th DigiTech to setup an automated personalisation system for customers.

Cross-Channel Engagement

Connect with customers on multiple channels such as email, mobile, desktop notifications, and increase engagement by delivering personalised messages with 18th DigiTech.

Lead Nurturing & Management

Nurture, manage, and optimise leads from point of inquiry to conversion with 18th DigiTech CRM integrations and automated journey flows.

Account-Based Marketing

18th DigiTech implements Marketo to create cutting-edge account-based experiences that combines with sales to identify and engage high potential accounts and customers.

Marketing Measurement and Analytics

Examining and analysing your eCommerce marketing impact is facilitated with our use of Marketo for comprehensive campaign performance and attributed revenue analytics.

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To gain the trust of customers, you need an eCommerce setup and tools that you can trust. Adobe Experience Cloud has everything you need for a successful eCommerce business, and with 18th DigiTech, you can reap the full benefits Adobe has to offer.

18th DigiTech helps you in creating a robust eCommerce website with Adobe Commerce Cloud, track performance with Adobe Analytics, and conduct effective marketing with Adobe Marketo Engage.

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Harness the power of Adobe Experience Cloud Services for a successful and scalable eCommerce solution with 18th DigiTech.

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