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ERP implementation

All about ERP Implementation

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP systems can transform the management of your enterprise business. ERP implementations in eCommerce optimise your resources, supporting rapid and sustainable growth.

An ERP implementation integrates different aspects of your eCommerce business, streamlining planning, inventory, orders, sales, fulfilment, marketing, finance, HR, and more. All the processes your eCommerce business requires are centrally managed, simplifying operations and reducing expenses. As your eCommerce business grows, ERP systems adapt and evolve.

18th DigiTech provides customised implementations of ERP systems, tailored to suit your business needs. Utilising latest technology, we set up ERP systems that align your resources, organisational structure, and business processes.

With an effective ERP implementation, you can focus on business growth, without spending time on overseeing and managing day-today business processes.

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Enterprise Resource Planning for Enterprise-Grade Business Growth

The backbone of many organisations, ERP systems provide a centralised view and control over businesses processes. As operations become complex with business growth, ERP implementation optimises the use of available resources.

Advancements in ERP technology has led to their wide applications in all types of businesses. In eCommerce, whether you are already an enterprise or planning to become one, an ERP implementation prepares your brand for rapid growth.

While eCommerce platforms are already robust, ERP implementations support large-scale operations and sales.

18th DigiTech implements ERP systems that are reliable, customisable, and agile. Designed to complement eCommerce businesses, our ERP implementations offer a wealth of benefits.

Top advantages of ERP implementation are:

Centralised Operations

There are many different components and processes that are involved in the operations of an eCommerce website. ERP consolidates all business processes and operations for a centralised approach and superior efficiency.

Greater Visibility

An effectively implemented ERP system provides real-time visibility into your eCommerce operations, regardless of the size or scale. At any point of time, you can know the exact status of your eCommerce business.

Increased Productivity

By automating and centralising key business processes with ERP implementation, you gain increased productivity. There are fewer mistakes and faster operations, all contributing to increased productivity of your overall eCommerce business.

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Improved Customer Relationships

Customer relationship management is a common part of ERP systems, providing you with tools to increase customer engagement and retention. Increased efficiency enables you to offer customers faster and better service, enhancing customer relationships.

Revenue Generation

ERP implementation contributes to revenue generation in multiple ways. Increased productivity and efficiency lower operating expenses. Improved customer relations increase sales, further adding to the revenue generation of your eCommerce site.

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Oracle NetSuite For Cloud-Based ERP Implementations

A leading platform for cloud-based ERP systems, Oracle NetSuite is used by enterprises and businesses worldwide.

An all-in-one cloud business management solution, NetSuite ERP automates core processes and provides real-time visibility into financial and operational performance of eCommerce sites.

18th DigiTech is a recognised Oracle NetSuite Partner, with experience in implementations of NetSuite ERP. With our customised ERP implementations, you can automate key processes, gain visibility, optimise supply chains, error-proof orders, and increase efficiency.

NetSuite ERP offers a wide range of features for eCommerce websites that are further optimised and configured by 18th DigiTech.

Top features are:

  • Accounting Software
  • Financial Management
  • Global Business Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse Management

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18th DigiTech ERP Implementation Offerings

ERP systems offer immense potential for eCommerce websites – if they are implemented properly.

18th DigiTech specialises in customised ERP implementations, adapting the features of ERP systems to suit your business needs. The implementations are fully scalable, and grow along with your brand. By utilising top technologies, we provide you with cutting-edge features that drive the success of your eCommerce website.

By implementing an ERP system, we can streamline any problem areas or bottle-necks, facilitating easier management and an improved customer experience.

Our top ERP services include:

  • Ecommerce Consultation

    ERP Consultation

    Every eCommerce business has unique needs, and different ways they can benefit from ERP implementation. 18th DigiTech ERP consultation understands your eCommerce needs and goals, and accordingly identifies and recommends suitable ERP implementations.

  • Ecommerce Designing

    ERP Implementation

    If you already have an ERP system under consideration, we provide full ERP implementation and configuration services. 18th DigiTech sets up an ERP system that manages desired processes, and works cohesively with your eCommerce platform.

  • ERP Integration

    ERP Integration

    ERP systems are used in many businesses beyond eCommerce. Our ERP integration services connect your current ERP systems with your eCommerce platform. You get enhanced applicability while using an ERP system you’re familiar with.

  • ERP Upgrades

    ERP Upgrades

    Fuelled by new technology advancements, ERP systems are continuously evolving. 18th DigiTech ERP upgrade services enhance the capabilities and features of your existing ERP system, incorporating additional functionalities that you want to avail.

  • ERP Implementation in Marketing

    ERP Support

    ERP systems oversee and support your eCommerce operations. Accordingly, the ERP performance needs to be uninterrupted. 18th DigiTech ERP support services monitor ERP implementations and operations, providing swift resolutions to any arising problems.

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Summing Up,

Investing in an ERP implementation can yield massive benefits for your eCommerce site, whether you are already an enterprise or plan to become one. The resource optimisation offered by ERP systems is superior to even the best of eCommerce platforms, and can be an effective tool to manage and expand your eCommerce business.

18th DigiTech ERP implementations are designed to boost your management capabilities and sales. By integrating and configuring your desired features and functionalities, we adapt the ERP systems to meet your needs. Our ERP implementations help you achieve your eCommerce goals and maximise available resources.

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Why 18th DigiTech for ERP Implementation Services?

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Transform your operations and optimise available resources with ERP implementations from 18th DigiTech. Tailored for your eCommerce site, you can boost efficiency, effectiveness, and results. For a free, expert, and no-commitment discussion, contact us today.