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The nitty-gritty of omnichannel solutions

Reach out to customers wherever they are – online, offline, on mobile devices, regionally, social media platforms, B2B, B2C with 18th DigiTech.

The way customers shop is continuously evolving along with their expectations. Omnichannel commerce is the new wave in shopping, and is a trend that is here to stay.

Why restrict customers to limited channels when you can provide them with multiple shopping options? An omnichannel eCommerce platform provides customers with an integrated shopping experience across multiple sales channels. You get enhanced reach and more customers while customers get a unified shopping experience.

18th DigiTech offers dedicated omnichannel solutions with customised and integrated omnichannel commerce platforms. Based on the sales channels your customers frequent, we create comprehensive solutions that expand your market exponentially.

Are you catering to your customers on every suitable sales channel? Want to offer an omnichannel experience?

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For Unlimited Potential and Extended Reach, Integrate Your Sales Channels

Expanding sales easily and effectively is made possible with an omnichannel eCommerce platform and 18th DigiTech.

Gone are the days when a brand was available in only one format for customers. With omnichannel commerce, customers have multiple ways they can shop with their preferred brand, increasing their loyalty.

18th DigiTech develops and implements omnichannel eCommerce solutions that are designed for your brand. By optimising your omnichannel presence, you can reap the rewards omnichannel sales has to offer.

Why should you consider an Omnichannel solution? Here are the top reasons.

Wider Reach & More Selling Opportunities

With an omnichannel eCommerce platform, you can reach a wider range of customers, providing your brand with more selling opportunities.

Maximising Of Resources and Inventory

An omnichannel solution maximises the use of your available resources and inventory, integrating them into a unified system with centralised orders.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Provide users with a seamless customer experience across multiple channels with an omnichannel solution, enabling them to switch between channels as desired.

omni channel ecommerce platform

Greater Conversions and Retention

The improved accessibility, convenience, and customer experience of an omnichannel commerce platform result in greater conversions and retention of customers.

Stronger Market Presence and Branding

An omnichannel solution gives you a stronger market presence across multiple sales channels, enhancing your visibility and branding without expensive promotions.

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Targeted Sales Channels Suited for Your Brand and Customers

Supplement your eCommerce website and brand with additional sales channels integrated by 18th DigiTech.

Offering support to new sales channels has become easier than ever, providing you with a cost-effective and efficient means of reaching customers. Depending upon your niche and the shopping habits of customers, you can decide on suitable sales channels.

At 18th DigiTech, we are experienced in developing omnichannel commerce solutions, incorporating the top sales channels that you want. New sales channels are created and existing channels integrated for a truly omnichannel experience.

Popular sales channels you can consider are:

  • Offline Stores – Using compatible POS systems you can integrate an eCommerce website with offline stores.
  • B2B Sales – Add support for a wholesale eCommerce platform to your core B2C eCommerce website.
  • Mobile Commerce – Enable browsing and sales through mobile devices that have excellent market penetration.
  • Social Commerce – Target customers on social media platforms by creating a presence for social commerce.
  • Online Marketplaces – Benefit from the popularity of established marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay through integration.
  • Regional Online Stores – Create specialised regional online stores and offer localised storefronts for local customers.
  • Additional Online Storefronts – Launch additional online storefronts for dedicated product lines and categories for increased sales.

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omnichannel ecommerce platform

18th DigiTech Omnichannel eCommerce Offerings

Gain optimised and integrated omnichannel eCommerce solutions that drive results with 18th DigiTech.

At 18th DigiTech we remain up-to-date with latest eCommerce trends and technologies. Omnichannel eCommerce platforms are the future of shopping, and early implementation can help you capitalise on the new trend.

We offer customised omnichannel solutions that are scalable, and cater to your target customers. According to your needs, we configure and integrate desired sales channels for reliable results.

Our Omnichannel eCommerce services include:

  • omnichannel solution provider

    Omnichannel Consultation

    18th DigiTech omnichannel consultation evaluates your currently available and prospective sales channels, devising an omnichannel strategy.

  • omni channel commerce solutions

    Customer Experience Strategising

    Customer experience is at the heart of successful sales. 18th DigiTech examines your CX, identifying scope for improvement.

  • omnichannel ecommerce platform

    Omnichannel Integration

    If you already have multiple sales channels, 18th DigiTech can integrate them into a unified shopping experience for customers.

  • omni channel ecommerce solution

    eCommerce Development

    Yet to launch an eCommerce site? Our eCommerce development services create a robust eCommerce website ready for omnichannel sales.

  • omni-channel b2b ecommerce solution

    B2B eCommerce Development

    Tap into the lucrative B2B eCommerce market with an additional sales channel for B2B sales integrated with your eCommerce website.

  • omni channel ecommerce solutions

    Mobile Commerce

    Cater to customers on mobile devices with 18th DigiTech mobile commerce and PWA implementation services integrated into an omnichannel solution.

  • omnichannel solution provider

    International eCommerce Development

    Expand your omnichannel reach internationally with localised regional eCommerce development from 18th DigiTech to add international eCommerce capabilities.

  • ecommerce omni-channel technology solutions

    Additional Online Storefronts

    Create dedicated online storefronts for specific categories, or new storefronts on social media platforms and popular marketplaces with 18th DigiTech.

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In a nutshell,

Omnichannel solutions are immensely powerful and can successfully increase your sales, revenue, and customer base substantially. Moving beyond multi-channel retail, an omnichannel solution offers customers a seamless and integrated shopping experience across multiple sales channels.

At 18th DigiTech, we offer tailored omnichannel solutions that are customised to suit your brand needs. Your budget, goals, and target audience are considered to create custom growth plans and omnichannel solutions. With a personalised plan of action and capable development, you get an omnichannel solution that drives results.

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Why 18th DigiTech for Omnichannel solutions?

  • 11+Years of Experience
  • 150+Technical Expertise
  • 350+Customised Implementations
  • Adobe Gold Solution Provider

Extend your brand presence and reach with omnichannel solutions from 18th DigiTech. Create and integrate additional sales channels for increased sales and revenue. For a free, expert, and no-commitment discussion, contact us today.